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ActipePure Is The Only Technology Available in Products 

Proven in an FDA-Compliant Military Test Facility

to Reduce COVID-19 by 99.9% on Both

Surfaces and In the Air. 




#1. The Vollara Air & Surface Pro (W/ActivePure & Non-Ozone), our "Flag-Ship" product, is the number one leader within the air purification industry and the only Air Purification System tested in an FDA-Compliant Military Lab Test Facility and proven to eliminate 99.9% of the CoV-2 Virus (COVID-19 Virus) on all known Viruses to date  - Listed @ $1,499.99 (being sold at between $1,499.99 and $4,99.99), your price is $1,199.99.  You save a $300.00!


#2. The Fresh Air Mobile W/ActivePure, has been designed for small spaces of up to 50 feet.  This unit is perfecr for une in cars, vans and hotel rooms.  - Listed @ $209.99, your special price is $189.99. You save: $20.00!  


#3. The Living Water! Living Water is a pH-balancing, healthy alkaline water filter that connects to your sink and is used for drinking, cooking, and even cleaning purposes.  The Living Water - Listed @ $2,499.99, your price is $2,299.99, you save: $200.00!


#4. LaundryPure 2.0!  With LaundryPro 2.0, say goodbye to harsh chemicals, soapy detergents, bleaches, fabric softeners and loads of hot water to get your clothes and bedding properly clean. All you need is cold water and the power of our ActivePure Technology to get clothes bright, fluffy and fresh. Listed @ $1,499.99, your price is $1,299.99, you save: $200.00!


#5. H2Fuel! H2Fuel is a mobile water ionizer that charges regular water with molecular hydrogen gas to create hydrogen-infused, antioxidant-rich water in 3 minutes. - Listed @ $299.99, your price is $259.99, you save: $40.00!


Whole Home Package 
Our Best Deal!  Consisting of, the Air & Surface Pro, the Living Water, and the Laundry Pure. This package retails for $5,499.97 plus tax and shipping. Your special discounted price is: $4,999.98 plus tax (we pay s&h)!  This price does not include StudyPower!  You save $500.00!  Call NOW! 


But You Want The Whole Enchilada 


We're talking #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 above! 


Total MSRP: $6,009.96

Your Enchilada Price: $5,399.99


You Save: $610.00 


Be advised: If you shop at my company sponsored website I will not be able to offer you any of the routine discounts and bonuses that I enjoy offering. For example, I offer a 3-4 day "Test Drive" on our Flag-Ship Product, the Air, and Surface Pro w/ActivePure, (I am also considering offering a 3-4 day "Test Drive" on two of my water products)! Test Drive, as you can imagine, would be impossible for me to offer to the masses.


Also, we typically only offer "Test Drives" on the Air & Surface Pro; however, because of the success of our A&SP Test Drives we are now offering a limited number of "Test Drives" on the Living Water, and the LaundryPure, (certain conditions applies). If you would like to conduct a "Test Drive" in your office or home on anyone of these products, please register below:  


Register For Your Drive! 


OK! Now That You Have Made Your Own Decisions About Active, Click Here To See World Is Saying And Doing About ActivePure: 



See What The World Is Saying About ActivePure!


Please contact us @ 


"the Colonel" 

Carlton L. Dowdy, US Army, (Ret.)

Shop@ Vollara.com/godowdy 

Vollara Business Center Owner #85541

Ph/Text: 714-273-5223 / godowdy6@gmail.com 


PS01: We accept all major Credit Cards! Also, the dealmaker in me forces me to tell you that we may even consider a Barter Arrangement!  


PS02: Also, depending on your personal situation, we will consider a Rent-to-Own deal or a short term lease.   In such cases discounted do not apply.



PS03: We are actively looking for business partners!  If this something you may consider, please contact us at:




Additional Services Offered: 

RANDYJDOWDY.COM AKA THESNEAKERTEMPLE.COM  / I have whatever you are looking for in the sneaker world, or can find them.  If I don't have what you are looking for, not to worry, I have suppliers all over the world, including China. I can find what you are looking for, promise!  

My son and I just listed our 2021 Coachmen Cross Trail Recreational Vehicle, (RV) for rent. You can learn more about our her at (copy & paste all URLs into your browser):






You can view her as well as book her at: 




She is under contract with my agent and therefore all price negotations must be made with them; however, if you book her I will have a special "safe arrival home" gift waiting for you upon your return! 


Rooms For Rent!  - We occasionally have a room or two for Rent in Anaheim and Carson, Ca. Usually, my tenants are long-termer’s, but life happens, and one of them moves out once in a while! The best solution is to contact me and see if I have any openings! Both houses are in an ultra-quiet area and close to local area supports needs!

Contact us @ 

Email: godowdy6@gmail.com / Ph: 714-273-5223 





Contact us @ (714) 273-5223
Email:  godowdy6@gmail.com