Tippers Only Offer

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Hello Tippers,

The first thing you want to do is

take my 3-5 day trial offer!




The MSRP on the Vollara Air & Surface Pro (VASP) is $1,499.99. Some business center owners sells the VASP for up to $5,000. Consumer research recommended they be listed at $2,499.99. 

ActivePure Technologies and Vollara, LLC recently decided to throw a ringer into their marketing program. Although the MSRP of the Air & Surface Pro remains the same they are now offering several of their technology products at up to 25% off MSRP!  However, there was a catch!  Discucont codes were being offered to those Business Center Owners who purchased up to 15 Units at once.  I purchased 45 units.  I also purchased another 15 ASP units for one of my most trusted East Coast team members.  Bottom-line!  I'm ready to deal!


Here is the Deal:  I will be selling the first 25 Air & Surface Pro units at a 25% discount.  The remainding 15 units will be sold at a 20% discount. 


Talk about smart!  The manufactors knew that not many of their distributors would be able to afford to purchase 15 ASPs at one time. The tipical start-up purchase is 5 ASP units, sell four and keep one.  When I ordered 45 they were mildly sharked.  I know this because when I came in with a 45 unit order, two people from the company, including the founder, mentioned my order during a zoom meeting.  I laughed and told thim that I have always been a student of positioning and my 45 unit order was in keeping with my positioning physolophy!


This test program is only effective through 31 Sept 2022. After that, they plan to reevaluate it and decide if they will keep it in place or scrap it.

PS: Products listed $500 or less is not included in this program unless it is purchased along with two other technology products. 




#1. For those Tippers who HAVE ALREADY made your purchase under my 1st offer I will make the adjustments and contact you with any refunds that these changes refects.


#2. If you are only interested in the Fresh Air Personal, your price is $199.99.


#3. Tax plus s&h on all shiplements are based on your zip code.  



1. Cash.

2. Check or Money Orders.

3. All Major Credit Cards.

Having been in business for many years I understand that sometimes business owners exprience Cash Flow Issues.  It is for this reason that we offer an Installment Program (up to 7 months w/25% down).  The manner in which our  Installment Program work is as follows:

Installment Payment Requirements Conditions: 

Condition #1: Complete Application Required w/ SSAN (However, I will not Run Your Credit)!  

Condition #2: Minimun Processing Amount $750

Condition #3: Maximum Processing Amount $4,000

Condition #4:  Must be a customer purchasing a qualitifing technology product. 

Condition #5: If you wish to place an order exceeding $4,000 your down payment must be such that the balance does not exceed $4,000 (I am willing to go higher on my installment offer but $4000 time 30 Tippers would be a bit of a strain on my ability to to take advantage of any future Crazy Offers the my product providers come up with.

Note 01:  For those Tippers who have already made an order under the conditions of my first offer and you feel that you only needed one Fresh Air Personal rather than two, or none at all, let me know and I will make any and all adjustments as appropiate.  

Note 02:  The Vollara Air & Surface Pro has a limited warranty of up to 3 years (much like that new Caddi you are driving). It covers a space of up to 2,000 sq/ft and up to 25 people and assuming standard ceiling heights).  This product is truly a game changer.


Text/Call me @ 714-273-5223
Email: godowdy6@gmail.com

PS: This offer is for Tippers and their Family Members Only!