"In Order 2B Successful, Men Must Think"

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"Dowdy's Back Door Secrets-2-Life And Wealth!" 


Ours is a long and in many ways painful story!  And we would otherwise not print it here except that we are certain that if you understood what we went through it may help you avoid some of the "pot holes" that we exprienced and you would also understand how simple and easy you can make major life changes if you decide to do so.  Even to this day I often wonderd seemed to take the road less traveled, I call it: 

"Dowdy's Back Door Secrets-2-Life And Wealth"

During a review of my life I came to the realization that almost everything that I have ever done seemed to be (by everyone else) the wrong thing to do at the time. This all begin back during my elementary school days and continued through my highschool days, my college days, my military career, my peace officer days, my real estate investment days and even into my present semi-retirement days.  And in almost every case, I emerged smelling like a rose. How is this possible!  You decide!  Our Story!

DRAFT!  After several years of living in a flat-broke state we decided to make some changes.  What we quickly realized was that we had all the skills necessary to change our finanical situation but was two tied up in pass successes to realize that our pass successes had no reflection on anything about our future other than the fact that we could use our expriences to influence our future outcome.   

 More to Come!