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Under Development! 

Following are a few stories, (Q-Stories), as I like to call them that I have enjoyed writing, reading or hearing over the years.  Somehow they all seemed to fit so well in my life.  Needless to say I am hoping that you enjoy them as much as I have. If you enjoy them, please pass them on to your family and friends.  
Rabbit Hunting / Uncle Joe The Preacher Man / Don't Quit / The Traveling Monk / The Spider Monkey / Gallahand 72 / The Fly / Force Road March / The Missing M16 / The Human Lobster / Chris / The Lady on The Phone / The Human Crab / The German Pool Player / The 1988 Olimpics / The German Sgt / Kicked Out of Class / Harmony / The Red Car / 21 Days to a New Life / The Love of Reading / The Best Communicator / Tarzan of The Apes / The Greatest Power / The King's Killer Dogs / My Guaradin Angle / The Copy Machine / Sam the Taylor / Book's or Pay / 
Many more to come ...