How ActivePure Works

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Following are several short videos that will help you understand what would be impossible for me to explain in words (please carefully review each as once you have done so you, like many thousands of others, will become ambassadors for ActivePure Technology as well as began to understand how much control you  have over your health and wellness as well as the health and wellness of those you care most about! 


Air & Surface Pro/WActivePure (2 Minutes each)

How long are you willing to share your breathing spaces with others! We all know the answer to that, but we didn't know that was a healthy and affordable solution was available until now. Learn More below (check out the following videos): 


Living Water (11 Minutes)

What about the Water You Drink! You already know that Not All Water Is Equal and that water is the essence of life and is the key necessity for living on earth! So why should you be more concerned about the "Water You Drink!" See below:


Water Demo 


Laundry Pure (2 Minutes)

Doing your laundry is far more critical than you may have ever considered. Learn more below:


Steady Power (2 Minutes)

A product that I ignored for a long time, but after I started having power surges at one of my rental properties, I decided to take a closer look. So you may want to take a closer look also. Learn more below:


A few more videos for those who need more proof:


Because of COVID - 19 (2.5 Minutes)


Air & Surface Pro (2.5 Minutes)


The Data


Aerus Hydroxyl 3.5 Minutes 


Because of COVID - 19!


Zoom Meetings (Training)


Living Water Demo (Amazing)



Awesome (Water)

Scientific Proof * Trust * COVID - 19 * Videos 


Here is what the world is saying about ActivePure: 


Now you can see why it's so difficult to tell you in a few words how ActivePure Technology works!  A picture is and has always been, "Worth a thousand words!"


Contact us at:


Ph/Text: 714-273-5223 /


PS: Be sure to let me know that you are a Tippers Club Member or a Chamber Member!