Tarzan of The Apes

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When I was a kid the television was a new thing to many of the families living in the small country town of Virginia where I grew up.  Watching television was a big thing!  We didn't have a TV until a few years after they had found their way to our town.  However, my uncle Joe had been one of the more fortunate families in the neighborhood and had purchased a TV earlier.  One day, of many as I recall, my sister and I were watching TV at my uncle’s home. We were tuned into a show called TARZAN OF THE APES. 

 During the opening scenes TARZAN was sitting in the back seat of a small plane looking out over the jungles of Africa.  The scene as seen through TARZAN'S eyes was frightening indeed.  There were miles and miles of dense jungle which appeared so thick that it would be impossible for anyone to crawl through. Yet as the plane got closer and closer and finally landed, and as the jungle got closer and closer, it became clear that there was clearly walking room and the jungle was far less of a problem to move through than it had originally appeared.  It was at that moment that something hit me and appeared to have said, "That is the way everything in life will be", all you need to do was to look at it closer and closer and study it more and more.

Remember, I was only a 9 or 10 year old country boy at the time and I had NOT been more than a few miles from home in my life.

When the plan finally landed, Tarzan and a few of the other guest began walking into the jungle. As they walked and walked, a path seemed to continually open up.  And all of a sudden, something hit me.  Maybe this is the way life is.  My point:  Do not be afraid of anything until you are sure that you need to be afraid.  Most of the time, things will become clearer as you get closer to it.  Study it because it will clear up for you.

Remember, I was only a 9 or 10 year old country boy at the time and I had NOT been more than a few miles from home.  This little situation has always remained with me.