Killer Dogs

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The Kings And His Killer Dogs

Some times during the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, one of Kings of the time came up with the idea of using killer dogs to punish those whom he decided to put to death.  He did this in a sports arena and charged money to people who wanted to see these killing dogs.   

He would put those whom he wanted to put to death the dog pit and release the dogs.  The king ordered the dog keeper to only feed the dogs just enough to keep them alive.  He wanted the dogs to always be hungry.  Doing so, he felt, would serve two major purposes.  

One, it would serve as great arena entertainment when he wanted to put someone to death.  Rather than undertake another means all he had too do was to put them in the dog pit and release the dogs.  And to make matters worth, he sold tickets to this spectacular.  

Second, it would serve notice to anyone that disobeyed him or crossed him in any way.  The dog trainer was told to only feed the dogs the very minimum of food required for survival.  

The king wanted his dogs to be hungry … very, very hungry.  These shows, he said, must always be world class in stature.  

As the story goes, the king had nine very close advisors.  However, one of his advisors seem to be more honored and respected by the King than the other eight advisors.  This became a cause for concern by the eight lest favored advisors.  They felt cheated.  They decided to try and change the Kings feeling and trust of this one particular advisor.  They began spreading rumors and lies about him and after a time the King began to believe those lies.  

This was very painful for the King because of the long time and honored advise that this advisor had provided him.  But, the roomers and lies continued and they had finally wore the king down.  The King finally decided to put this longtime and trusted advisor to death.  

He informed this advisor that he was going to put him to death.  The advisor responded, "My Great King, you have honored me by allowing me to be your advisor for so many years and I have advised you as honorable as I could, however, if it is your decision to put me to death, I have but one last request.  “State it,” the King replied.  The advisor replied, “Please allow me three weeks to get my affairs in order.”  “I have a few bills to pay and a few friends and family members to say good-bye too.“  “Granted,” the king replied.

This trusted advisor to the King of many years went out to begin making final preparations for his demise.   He paid a few bills off, visited with his family for a few days and then went over to see the dog trainer.  He approached the dog trainer and said, "Mr. Dog trainer, you have been providing a great service to our king for many years now.  And we have not shown our appreciation for you as we should have.  I have come today to try and correct that.  I want you to take a vacation for the next two weeks and I will take care of the dogs”  

The dog trainer, having never receiving any attention at all, must less a vacation, was elated.  He grabbed his hat and was off.  Moments later this wise advisor began caring for the dogs.  After just one feeding, he gave them a small amount more than they was accustomed to), the dogs began to respond to this very wise man.  Dogs as you know are the most forgiving of all animal life forms, … even more so than humans.  As the days passed, the bonds between these killer dogs and this advisor continued to grow stronger.  He feed them, brushed, groomed them and … loved them! 

But the day he was to be put to death was rapidly approaching.  The dog trainer return and the kings top advisor turn over the keys to the dog pit to him and return to the castle to receive his punishment.

The king announced that he would be put to death the following morning but only after all of his subjects were informed to be seated in the arena by 9:AM.  The dog pit show was the most popular of all shows. 

The arena was full well before 9 AM.   Of course no one would keep the king waiting.  Promptly at 9AM, only moments after the advisor was put in the dog pit the gate from which the dogs would enter the arena was opened by order of the king and the king’s killer dogs were released. The dogs rushed over to this wise advisor and to the shock of the king and all those in the arena, these killer dogs began licking the advisor’s legs and jumping around as if their mother had returned from death.  

Neither the king, the dog trainer nor anyone else could understand what they were seeing.   The King rose to his feet and said to the whole arena, "I have been a fool, even my killer dogs know this man is honorable and worthy of being my advisor".  Hence, a proclamation,  ”From this day forward, you will remain as my top advisor and everyone in my kingdom will give you due respect.”   

“Give a man what he wants and he 

will give you all that you need” - Zig Zigler

My way of treating soldiers was my way, very personal and immensely rewarding for me.  After getting to know me, all of my bosses, (except one, who later came around after I caught him with his jewels hanging out), finally decided to except my style as he knew that I would be hard to retrain and it was not only very effective but they also knew that there was no other way for me.  Personal … Dam Right!

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