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(R/Read), (W/Wrote), (H/Heard), M-Modified) 

Following are some stories, (Q-Stories as I call them), that I read, heard, or wrote over the years. I have always loved stories. I always seem to learn things must faster when told to me in the form of a story. I adopted this style of communicating very early in life.  The six most important people in my life, (My-Six-Pac) were all story tellers. What choice did I have!  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed reading, writing and hearing them!  I hope they bless your life as they have mind!  

Read them in any order you like … but be sure not to miss even one … as it may be the very one that become dearest to you … now get to it!

 R / the Kings Killer Dogs / R&M the Traveling Monk 

W / Uncle Joe the Preacher Man

There is no escape—we pay for the habits of our ancestors... some are blessed for it ansd some are curse by it.   We, the decendents of the D, T, H, C, J, families are truly blessed because of our ancentors. - Yours Truly 


The Early Years  

Lying On Mothers Knees * First Day @ School * Three Piece Suit * The Power of Positioning: Lesson One, D. Homes * Lesson Two, Rabbit Hunting. Lesson Three, Lesson Four * The Spider Monkey * The Red Robin * Chased by 2 Dogs * Don't QUIT * How I Became A Pool Hustler * Uncle Joe:  Today I Am Going 2 Rewire Your Mind * G-72/Fort Hood Texas * The Fly * 28 Mile Forced Road March * The Missing M16 * Success Formula 66 * The Scorpion and the Frog * The Traveling Monk * Chris M. * Lady Park * Lady on The Phone The German Sgt * The German Pool Player * Kicked Out Of Class * The Red Car * Tarzan of The Apes  * 21 Days To A New Life * The Love Of Reading * Heaven's Grocery Store * The Best Communicator * The Greatest Power Is Love * KATUSA & GI Fight * Sam the Taylor * Major Baggy Pants * The BN CSGM * The King's Killer Dogs  * The Red Robin * Chased by a Dog  * Steve’s Place * The Boy Scouts of Americ * Save a Life (GD) * Save a Life (RJ) * My Drivers License (Learned to Peep My Dad’s Hold Card) Family Home Burn Down, (Summer 1958) * Rabbit Hunting w/Dad & Brother 

Stories I Red:  * The Crab * The Human Lobster * The 1988 Olympics * My Soul Mate * Harmony 



The Power of Positioning 2

Wiffs & Wiffets (3 weeks of dumb shit)

ROTC / My Light Began to Shine

 ROTC * Drill Team Competition * Mr. Hill (Math Teacher) 

Bang - (A  Bullet Just Missed My Head)

Basement of Langston Hall

Indian Town Gap (PA) * Money Offer From a Stranger * Flight Training 7-Hrs to Solo

My 57 Ford Vs 57 Chevy


My First Duty Station:  (Fort Hood Texas, 1971)

The BN Sargent Major * Platoon Leader (2nd Bn, 7th Calvary Div. 

PFC Todd *  JWW * CPT Red Neck * The Power of Positioning 3 

TNG Exercise 1972 * PFC Todd * PFC Stevens  * 17 Mile March 

 TDY, Ft. Eustis, Va * Back to Fort Hood * My Sargent’s Wife 

 Dear John Letter * My Guardian Angle 

TDY (Fort Benning, Ga) 


My 2nd Job @ Fort Hood, Confinement Facility

(Intake & Supervision Branch)  



In Mate in Straps #1 * Inmate in Straps #2 

Ward Suicide * MaJ Harold, S. 

Hey LT, Can I buy you a beer!

Mr. Berry, (Assignment’s Officer)

Lady M.  

(7Ft Texas Ranger)

C5 / Chapter 6 


TDY - Fort Eustis *

Enroute to Okinawa, Japan)

 * Transportation Officers Basic Course

* My Best Friend, What A Blessing  (My Son's Godfather)

C6 / Chapter 7  

My Second Duty Station: Okinawa Japan 

COL AJS * CW 4 Hord * CW2 Shit Head * Mr. Gibo

Thief Within The Cargo Operations Branch

Mr. Manley * PFC Dick Head

Personal Vehicle Accident

The Stars & Stripes


My Third TDY Duty Station 

(Fort Eustis, VA & TOAC)


Fort Eustis Club Mgr * The Stars & Stripes

3 Piece Band * Major @%# * Wife Swap 

 MG Post & Wife

C8 / Chapter 8 

My Forth Duty Station

(Eight U. S. Army Seoul Korea)


 Staff Officer, Plans and Operations

Korean American Friendship Tour

Hey Carl / Perfectly on Time (CPT (P) P.)


Commanding Officer, 60th Trans, Co., Medium Truck, 

* Undercover Boss * Consolidation of Living Quarters 

* KATUSA and GI Fight * Hail & Fairwell

* Battle with the BN SGM * Bison Mountain

* Rash of Vehicle Accidents * SGT Roper (Vehicle Accident)

* SFC “Boozer” * KYM (Thirst for Knowledge)


HQ & HQ Commandant, GQ Company

Out for My Head * The BN XO / 1UP 

* Sam the Taylor * Light Post Party 


  Closure of Camp Eiler 

* BG Roscoe Robertson

(He Became The First Black 4-Star 

U. S. Army General … Awesome Guy)


Call from, 8Th Army, HO, COL T.  

Request that I assume command of 21ST Trans, Co

I turned his offer down, … time to go home!

2nd Call 8Th Army, HO, BG  

Of Course Sir, COL T. if its the desire of the Command 


4th Job in ROK …

Command Officer, 21st Transportation, (CAR) Company

President Carter’s Visit to Korea

COL T.  

Steve F.  (My XO)

(Letter of Resignation)

Complaint from all The Female Soldiers


I Spent a total of 39 Month Commanding those three 

Companies … I am told it was an Army record.   

Don’t Know, Don’t Care but I loved it!


C9 / Chapter 9

My Fifth Duty Station Oakland Army Base California

* My 1ST Job @ OARB * Deputy PM * LTC USAF 

* MP’S to Contract Sec * SGT Aquino

Promotion to Major, (04)

Mobile Auto Service

LTC VS GS-12 Fight & Court Battle


Contacted Department of the Army

 (for Next Duty Station)

C10 / Chapter 10

My Sixth Duty Station

Defense Contracts Adm, Los Angeles Ca


BG John V. (2 Star Retired)

Chief, Transportation and Packaging Division

 (GS 13 Pearl S. / GS 13 Dick N.)

Great Job!  BG V. later tried to give me Command of one of the Field Units but was informed by his superiors that the Air force would not sanction an army officer being in an Air force command Position.  


BG John S.  

CFC Project Officer * CFC Project Officer 2

TDY to Ft. Eustis Va * Contract Air Fares  


My 7th Duty Station

2ND Transportation Support Group, Nelligan Germany

The Mississippi National Guard * The Alabama National Guard 

The Washington State National Guard 

Test of The Culluar Team * The German SGT * The French Army * The Corner Desk 

The German Pool Player

(How/When I developed a Love of Reading)

Another Crack at The German Pool Player

C11 / Chapter 11.

My Eights & Final Duty Station 

(Return To Eight U. S. Army Seoul Korea)

1st Job, Chief, Wartime Host Nation Support 

(WHNS Agreement )

Cut & Pace the following into your browser and then (Scroll down to 

the second picture & and see if you recognize the black guy 

on the right of the picture) … It’s yours truly! 


Note:  After more than 50 years after the start of the Korean war, I was the guy who was finally able to get a written and signed agreement between the U.S Army and The Republic of Korea Army which was finally signed by The US and Korean Governments.  

The Female LTC name in the write-up was the Chief, of WHNS after I left BUT the Agreement had already been sent to The Department of the US Army for approval … I have documented proof of this.  This was one of my most prideful accomplishment of my career!


2nd Job, Chief of Exercise Division  

3rd Job,  Chief Transportation & Plans Division

(I was the Chief of The Same Division I worked 

in as a very Young Captain along beside CPT (P) P.)


C12 / Chapter 12

Then Came Retirement

Fleet Manager, (Buick Mart)

Close to Son

Record  Sales 

 Introduced the Internet to the GM


Promise to My Son 

(RJD 1996) 

1997 / Divorce

RJD 1996 Promise Reminder


Established Single Parents USA 

Joined The California Department of Corrections

3rd Attempt at Merriage 


“Whole” family on Alaskan Cruise 


"All that I am and all that I ever hope to be I owe 

to my mother." - Abraham Lincoln 

… and the remaining members of 

“My Six-Pac” - CLD


“I never teach my pupils, I only provide the condition 

in which to learn.” -  Albert Einstein 


Common Sense - "A collection of prejudices collected 

by age eighteen - Albert Einstein  


“Ignorance and failure is also a collection 

of prejudices acquired by age eighteen… thank “God for My Six-Pac.” 

 If you get only one thing from these writings I hope it’s this:  Whatever you want from life you can have it.  All you need to do is decide clearly on what you want and commit to obtaining it … and began working on accomplishing it!  All the tools you will need have already been provided to you” - Yours Truly 

So, please don’t say to me, “God Will Provide”, as I have often heard.  God has already provided … He is waiting on YOU to get your A… in Gear!


Being the third from the youngest of nine kids my only memories are that I was very happy.  Sometimes now when I think back on those days I am reminded of how much I love my Mom and Dad, my Grandma, my Uncles and my siblings and the Taylor, Hurt, Cousin and Jackson families.  Man … I think God may have long since stopped making people like them …. Maybe!

“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not a mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition and of unspeakable love.” - Washington Irvine

When I came across this quote I felt better about the many, many tears I have shaded back home in  Springfield Baptist Church.  I often wandered what some though of my tears …. but when I saw this quote … I was put at ease … in my heart I knew that my tears were only a forced expression on the love I had for our church family and our community.