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(R/Read), (W/Wrote), (H/Heard), M-Modified) 

Following are some stories, (Q-Stories as I call them), that I read, heard, or wrote over the years. I have always loved stories. I always seem to learn things faster when told to me in the form of a story. I adopted this style of communicating very early in life.  The six most important people in my life, (My-Six-Pac) were all story tellers. What choice did I have!  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed reading, writing and hearing them!  I hope they bless your life as they have mind!  

Read them in any order you like … but be sure not to miss even one … as it may be the very one that become dearest to you … now get to it!

 R / the Kings Killer Dogs / R&M the Traveling Monk 

W / Uncle Joe the Preacher Man

More to Come!