Additional Services

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We Are Firm Believers in the Concept of

Multiple Streams of Income!


Why! Through the application of multiple income streams, we were able to change our financial lives as well as hlep many others do the same.  


Following is a listing of the things that my son and I do (we also have team members that work with us in several of the areas that we work in):


First is what we do as a team:

Join our Vollara Team @  This website is "Password Protected" and this is a requirement of our parent company, ActivePure Technologies.  I am required to conduct a personal interview with all potential team members!


VOLLARA.ACTIVEPURE.COM ( - This is our "Flag Ship Business" and one that we not only work on a part-time basis but one that we also teach to others. Learn More!  


Join our Legal Shield Team @ 

DOWDYNSON.WEARELEGALSHIELD.COM ( - This is our "Flag Ship Business #2" and also one that we not only work on a part-time basis but one that I teach to others. Learn more!


Join our Health & Wellness Team @

GODOWDY.MYCTFO.COM ( - This is a business that we don't get much time to work but one that we really love their products and we think you will also! We have a small team that works with us! Learn More!    


Second, this is what my son does:

Adaptive Behavior Consultant - - Providing innovative solutions and professional care.  Serving Young Adults across the spectrum.  Learn more @ adaptivebxc.comText/Ph: 310-951-9517 / / Contact! 


RANDYJDOWDY.COM AKA THESNEAKERTEMPLE.COM  / I have whatever you are looking for in the sneaker world, or can find them.  If I don't have what you are looking for, not to worry, I have suppliers all over the world, including China. I can find what you are looking for, promise! Text/Ph: 310-951-9517 or / Contact! 


Third, this is what we (my son and I) do as a side hustle: 

WE BUY HOUSES & APARTMENTS! - We are currently looking for 3 or 4 bedroom houses) in Long Beach and / or the South Bay areas to provide housing for several of their highly funcitional Special Needs Clients!  If you know of anyone who is looking to sell a house and are willing to work with us directly (no real estate commissions), please contact us. We will pay up to $500 for any referal that we are able to close on.  


Rooms For Rent! - Anaheim & Carson!  We occasionally have a room or two for Rent in Anaheim and Carson, Ca. Usually, my tenants are long-termer’s, but life happens, and one of them moves out once in a while! Contact me and see if I have any openings! Both houses are in an ultra-quiet area and close to local transportation and everything else you may need! Contact!

Rent our RV @

OUTDOORSY.COM/PRO/GODOWDY - Rent our RV and go have some fun!  I have under contract so you will need to work your deal through them directly but as a special bonus for my Tippers and Chamber Members and Business Owner clients I have one of several gifts set aside for you. There is a 3 day minimum rental required, no maximum!  Check her out at:

Note:  I am very often asked why I work so hard!  When asked that, I always laugh!  I typically work no more than 10 to 15 hours per week on anything!  Of course, part of that is because I have been doing what I do for a long time, but the primary reason is that I Work Smart, and I will only work in areas that allow me the apply the concept of leverage!