The Water You Drink

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                                      THE WATER WE DRINK

This Little Machine Is The  -
Safest, Most Sought-After Water Purifier In The World - It's a true marvel and you are going to love how it makes the water taste in your home/office!  I and my son are so confident of this that we are willing to give you an unheard of offer.  Now, here is our powerful unheard of offer:  If you live within 50 miles of LAX we will give you a 7-DAY "FREE" Trial test of this little jewel and if you are totally happy with your results, you pay nothing ... absolutely nothing!

    Experts and agencies which regulate our public water distribution systems are concerned about the safety of our drinking water.  These hard working committed people are doing all they can, but they are the first to acknowledge just how enormous and serious the problem really is. 

    For centuries, clean, refreshing drinking water was available in abundant supply.  Our streams, rivers, lakes and underground supplies were filled with safe, great-tasting, life-sustaining water.  But the industrial progress of the last 200 years came at a great cost to our precious water resources.  health officials tell us our health, indeed our very lives may be at risk because of the contaminates in the tap water we through was safe.

    Through the years, the EPA has focused on potential cancer causing chemicals as the main threat to drinking water safety, estimating that 60,000 chemicals have been buried or dumped throughout the U. S. over the past 100 years.  Now, however, water agencies and Federal Health officials have determined that water-borne contaminates like cryptosporidium. bacteria, giardia, and viruses are also an immediate concern.

    Most communities in America use chlorine for public water treatment.  While it does have effect against some germs, it can be harmful to us.  This treatment process failed to protect the residents in Milwaukee.  Mort that 100 people died there, and 403,000 became ill in one cyptosporidium outbreak. 

    We know that pure water is essential to life.  That is why so many families have turned to drinking less tap water and more bottled water.  Lugging gallons of water into the kitchen is a hassle and recent reports raise serious questions about the quality of some bottled water.
    It seems like everybody is selling water filters these days.  Living Water is more than a filter.  Living Water brings the convenience of  tap water and the cleansing power of nature into your home, simply and affordably.  It is the most effective water cleansing system for the home today.

    Like a pristine mountain stream, Living Water blends natural processes to eliminate dangerous micro-organisms and to cleanse 99.9% of all particles one micron or larger (like lead).  The same process also removes 99.9% of MTBE, a gasoline additive discovered in the drinking water of most homes across North America. 

    Ecoquest makes a back-pack, battery-powered version of the Living Water (It's called the Living water Oasis) that enables missionaries to collect water from a puddle, cow pond or stream and drink fresh, life-sustaining water, anywhere in the world.  Living water brings the same powerful technology to your kitchen sink. 

    When you see Living Water at work you will know immediately that it is not just another filter.  Living Water is a complete water cleansing system. 

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Ofc:  866-463-6939 or 714-527-3554 or email:  Please put "FREE WATER TEST" in the subject line!
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