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"Read The Following Carefully …
Your Commercial Drivers License and Job May Depend On You."

Make no mistake about it …. there is no group of people that has their legal rights violated more than Commercial Truck Drivers.  I'm very aware that it's really tough out there for you guys, especially with the latest CSA regulations.  There are now three ways you can lose your license and your ability to earn a living.  One way to lose your license and your job is state points, another way is federal serious violations, and now there is also your CSA score
As you probably already know, many of the violations you receive are more about money than safety or justice and some violations are downright unfair, Commercial drivers needs legal assistance far more than most people.  I am very exited to share with you the new law, which allows you to get your CSA points removed or reduced and only and attorney can make that happen for you. 
My name is Carl Dowdy, U.S Army, (Retired), many of my friends call me "the Colonel".  I would like to thank you for taking the time to review this very important information. 
Having your very own Commercial Drivers Legal Plan could determine if you keep your job or lose it.  Having legal assistance is a necessarity for truck drivers today.  The company providing this program is LegalShield and is the oldest company to offer legal assistance for truckers.  LegalShield has a proven track record and is over 40 years old. 
Let me take a moment to summarize what this program will do for you and you can decide weather you would like to have your own transportation attorneys all across the US on your side or if you would like to go it alone, fight your own tickets and pay the price. And remember ... lawyers never try and representthemselves.
Your Commercial Drivers License

Your Commercial Drivers Legal Plan covers you AND your suppose in your Commercial Vehicle as well as your personal vehicles.  Because, as you know, violations in your personal vehicle can cause you to lose your Commercial Drivers License (CDL).  And, knowing your suppose will have these same benefits, will give you peace-of-mind as well.  Your coverage will start 11 days after you sign-up for your Commercial Drivers Legal Plan.
Tragic Accident Representation

None of us want to think that we might be in an accident where someone gets killed.  But the reality is that it happens everyday.  In fact, truck related accidents take approximately 14 lives each day.  Now I know most of you are very safe drivers and if such accidents occurred, you likely were not at fault.  Statically 4 wheelers, or drivers like me are at fault 80% of the time.  Yet truckers have the finger pointed at them at least 50% of the time and have to pay an attorney to prove their innocence. 
If you or your spouse is involved in a tragic accident, our program will provide you an attorney whether you are innocent or guilty, win, lose or draw, beginning to end.  As long as there are no drug, alcohol or other criminal charges, you have your own personal transportation attorney to help you every step of the way.  This benefit alone could save you, 10, 20, even $100,000 or more.  And that's just the first benefit of your plan ... there is much much more.
DOT and Non-Moving Violations
I'm sure you are aware of the huge expense of DOT and non-moving violations.  And they seem to increase in cost daily.  Your program will defend you on all of your non-criminal DOT and non-moving violations at no charge.  Your non-criminal violations like over-length, overweight, overweight they are all covered.  We will provide you a local attorney 100% of the time.  
Moving Violations

Moving violations are a big concern for commercial drivers.  Not only the expense, but the points, possible serious violations, and suspension of your license is a possible reality when you get a moving violation.  Moving violations can certainly cost your job.  On top of that, it will certainly increase the cost of your insurance.  We treat moving violations exactly the same way we treat non-moving violations.  We will at no cost represent all of your non-criminal moving violations.  This includes your spouse as well and in both your personal and commercial vehicles.  Typically, if you have an attorney, your you do not have to appear in court. 
If you choose to go it alone and appear without an attorney, your chances are very slim for a favorable outcome.  And, you will have to travel to the local court and take the time away from family and your job.  I wan't tell you that we will get all your tickets reduced or dismissed.  But I will tell you that we have a very high batting average and the vast majority of the tickets we represent do get reduced or dismissed. 
On the other hand, representing yourself costs you a great deal of time, money and frustration.  And, after all is said and done representing yourself very very rarely has a favorable outcome.   With you plan you can let your attorney spend their time and their money to face the judge and fight for you … (let them do what they do best which greatly increases your chances of being able to continue doing what you do best).
License Reinstatement
If for some reason your license is cancelled, suspended or revoked or denied, we provide you an attorney to get that resolved and get your license reinstated.  
Property Damage and Personal Injury Collection
This is an area that we also provide assistance in; however, the most comprehensive family legal support is provided by our family legal plans.  Learn more about these plans at:
All Other Transportation Legal Work
So how can we help with CSA points?  As of August 23, 2014, many of your CSA point violations can be reduced or eliminated, depending on the outcome of the final ruling of the violation.  Not all CSA violations are eligible for this, but many are.  Without an attorney, you have little to no chance of getting CSA points off your driving record.  We are your best answer for that!
Everything I just shared with you is covered at no expense and is included in the cost of your Commercial Drivers legal Plan.  This includes representation by a specialized transportation attorney for your Tragic Accidents, Non-Criminal moving and non-moving violations representation, and license reinstatement in all states, except AK and HI.  
If you need any other transportation related assistance you will receive a 25% discount for the services. For example, DUI's, parking tickets, and any other criminal violations that are transportations related will be covered at the 25% discounted rate.
Please understand, this is not a get out of jail free card.  We are not encouraging you to break the law without consequences.  And, some courts do require that you appear, even when you have an attorney, but most do not.  Your plan pays your attorney fees, but not any fines or court cost.
The Bottom-line
This program protects you, your spouse, your assets and your driving job for $32.95 per month with a one-time $25.00 enrollment fee or only $29.95 per month (when sponsored by your company weather you pay or the company pays and there is no enrollment fee), and there is no contract in either case.  It's month to month. 
We know most of you are safe and good drivers, but some tickets are given unfairly and any ticket deserved or not, can put you out of a job.   And it certainly makes more sense to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.  
Now, please pick of your cell phone and give us a call.  You can reach me direct at 714-273-5223 (Los Angeles Ca.) with any questions that you may have.   You may also contact my Voice Mail at 1-800-844-9639 x 4544 and leave me a message, ether I or one of my associates will contact you shortly there after.  
How Does The Commercial Drivers Legal Plan Works!
It's simple.  You have a problem, (Any State USA), you call the Supervising Attorney, (you will be provided with an 800#), explain your situation or ask your question.  You will be put in touch with an attorney in your local area who will assist you with any legal issue(s) that you may have ... it's as simple as that.  Contact names and phone numbers will be provided at the time that you except your Commercial Drivers Legal Plan.  
Bad things "Can & Do Happen to Good People" ... The only thing you can do
is be prepared ... Having a Commercial Drivers Legal Plan
is the absolutely "Best Way Of Being Prepared"!
Thanks again for allowing me the time to present this extremely valuable program to you.
"the Colonel" & Randy                                                  
Carl Dowdy, US Army, (Ret.)  
3337 W. Faircrest Drive, Anaheim Ca 92804 
Independent Associate, Group Benefits Specialist, LegalShield, Inc. 

We also offer: 
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PS: Be sure to visit and study the US Governments and the DOT website for all your Commercial Drivers questions, Click Here! 

Remember ... your attitude when you receive a ticket can negatively impact the attorney's ability to work out a favorable disposition, and can influence the officer's decision regarding which offense to record on the ticket
The Commercial Drivers Legal Plan pays attorney's fees, but does not pay fines or court cost.  

Note:  Alcohol/drug related offenses, parking tickets, and certain other violations are covered at a discounted rate.  You will need to review the contract/member handbook for details of coverage.   
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