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I spent a lot of years as a Commander while in the military and I always had someone assigned as the unit safety officer But make no mistake, I always knew that the unit safety officer was ME! And that is the way you must see yourself as the business owner. Yes, I know that as the company owner, or company commander, you have way to many things to do but if you let things slip in the safety department, you could lose it all!
Following are a few things you need to get and stay on top:
#1.  Whenever possible, you should walk your area.  I am a landlord and as a landlord I make it my personal business to do a walk around/through each of my properties at least once monthly.  The absolute only exception to this is with my out of the area properties.
#2.  Post an inspection check list somewhere conspictus and assign someone to do at least a weelky inspection of the area for safety issues and bring them to management attention. I have been trying to find an inspection sheet to post here ... still looking!
#3. More to come.