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Special Offers / The Wine Bar / Zack expects to re-open by 30 Nov.

Best of LB / The Wine Bar / 250 East Ocean Blvd, Zack, and Tyson offers a daily happy hour from 4 pm to 7 pm. And don't miss out on the excellent music they schedule several days per week. They plan an open mic on Sunday's from 6:pm to 10 pm this is always a fun evening as well. So if you have some musical talent or perhaps if you are a storyteller of whatever (within reason), you can "present your wares." Zack has also agreed to start a Trivial Tuesday (TT), night and the winner will receive a small gift. We are looking for someone to act as a host! There appear to be a few other things on the horizon, visit The Wine Bar!  


Also, there are a couple of other ideas they would like your thoughts on! They are as follows:

#1. For Book Lovers - Zack is an avid book lover and has expressed an interest in starting a "Book-of-the-month." Club members would read their most unique book, and during the monthly meetings, each member would provide the group with a summary of the book they read. An excellent opportunity for book lovers who live under time constraints to enjoy their love of learning without having to personally ready every book they would like to read! I had a paid subscription to a book summary some years ago, and I love it saved lots of time!


#2. How about a Trivial Pursuit Tuesday (TPT) night with special prizes going to the winner(s)? Be our guest, "Host of the Day?"


#3. MID-Afternoon - For Business Owners & Potential Business Owners - This is a Mastermind Secession. Members would submit business Up Sale or Cross sale ideas, and the group would discuss how best to move forward on those ideas.   


#4. If you are interested in sponsoring a daytime event and need space, we may be able to help, let's talk! We would love to hear your thoughts on anything we are doing or on something you would like to be a part of; we are open to your ideas. 


Contact Us! Tell Us Your Thoughts! 

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