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SBO What If ...


On average over 100 million Law Suit cases are filed in US and state courts every year. As a business owner, getting sued is the greatest risk of all. This is especially true for business with a store front.  Typically, there are several areas that seems to have the greatest exposure for law suits. These areas include Hiring & Firing, Slips and fallsemployee discrimination, contract disputesand even wrongful death suits, and the growing number of frivolous attempts at extortion. And what about disgruntled employees, which make the business naturally at a greater risk of being sued.  

What if someone walked into your place of business and fell or pretended they had fallen, what would you do! We offer the most powerful but affordable legal & ID Thief Protection plans for Small Business Owners. At present we protect more than 70,000 businesses throughout N. America and we’d love to do the same for you. The bottom-line is this:  If would you like to have your very own pocket lawyer, one you can contact 24/7 365 about any and all legal matters and be able to afford doing so. If you would like more info, please - CONTACT US! 

We also offer a Family Legal Plans and presently cover more than 4.3 million families members throughout North America and 4 Providences in Canada!  For more info, please CONTACT US!