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This Information Is Still In Draft Form;  However,  The Primary Idea  Is  Here  .....
You Have Stumbled Upon ... The Missing Link!  The Golden Goose!  The Fountain Of Success!

Here, My Friends ... Is Where It All Begins!  Any hope for HAPPINESS & FINANCIAL SUCCESS that YOU may have LIES deep WITHIN your .... WEALTHOLOGOS!

Before I go any further let me provide you with several warnings:
1st:  This is a fairly lone document and you may consider only reading it in part or perhaps not at all ... doing either will be a BIG MISTAKE!

2nd:  You may find several missed spelled words and even a few gramaticaly incorrect phases here and there.  Once I asked a lady to read this document over to get her idea on my concept.  After reading it she told me that there were numerous misspelled words in it and even some grammatical problems as well.  I asked her what was her financial situation.  She told me that her finances were in shambles.  I then told her that she had had an opportunity to read about how a man had went from "Flat-Broke" to making hundreds of thousands of dollars and was offering her an opportunity to read about his understanding of the process and she ... was more concerned about the misspelled words and the grammatical errors that he had made!   What a Shame!

3rd:  We are all to blame.  Once I asked my school teacher daughter to read a document for me and tell me what she through of it.  First she said there are a few misspelled words in it.  As a school teacher I suppose that that was normal and expected.  However, she did tell me that she really liked my idea as outlined in the document.  Not long after that I sent her a fairly large check.  I intentionally misspelled her name.  She made no comments, she just cashed the check!  My point is that we all need to decide on what's most important in our lives and be all about taking care of the "things that matters most" before we concern ourselves with misspelled words.  What you need to know is this:  I know how and can teach you how to solve all of your financial problems, not weather I am a good speller of words.  Are you with me!

Finally, an explanation as to why you are either BROKE, Middle Class with a very small bank account, or WEALTHY ... the answers to these and all your wealth, relationship and happiness questions lies deep within your ... "WEALTHOLOGOS"! 

If you don't understand them ... they will consume you ... and the results of all your desires",  Carlton Dowdy, C0-Founder, The wealthologos Academy aka ... wealthologos.com

Did you know that approximately half of all marriages in America end up in divorce?  Do you know why?  Did you know that the number one reason why couples fight is because of money?  Have you ever considered your chances at being successful with your relationships and your money?  Did you know that according to the Social Security Administration you have an 87% chance of retiring and needing financial assistance from friends, family or the Federal Government in order to survive!

In our Society there are always Winners & Losers, where are you!
<> Take any hundred men at the start of their working careers and follow them for forty years until they reach retirement age, and here's what you'll find, according to the Social Security Administration:  only one will be wealthy; four will be financially secure; five will continue working, not because they want to but because they have to; thirty-six will be dead; and fifty-four will be dead broke-dependent on their meager Social Security checks, relatives, friends, even charity for a minimum standard of living.  That's five percent successful, ninety-five percent unsuccessful.

<> Restated:  Take any 100 people who are 65 years or older and here is what you will find: 1% is wealthy,  4% are Financially Independent, (can live at basically the same level as they did before their retirement), 41% are still working, (just to survive), 54% are dead broke.

<> In other words, 87% of all Americans upon retirement will need assistance from friends, family or the federal government upon retirement in order to survive?

<> Did you know the this fact has been the case for more than 60 years?
<> Did you know that the median household income for Americans, (as recently published in the Press-Telegram), the median salary for working Americans in the Long Beach California was as follows:

<> <> Less than high school - $16, 404
<> <> High school graduate $24, 450
<> <> Some college or associate degree - $32,316
<> <> Bachelor's degree - $46,465

<>  Make no mistake about it!  America's "Pass Key Protected Society."   If you were not born and more importantly raise in America's "Pass Key Protected Society",  your chances of entering and remaining there is "GREATLY REDUCED".  However, and thank God that there are exceptions ... I will teach you what they are.

<> If you are between the age of 6 and 26 you have probably never had the occasion to even consider this type of information; however, you can bet that your parents have!   Take a few moments to talk with your parents.  Ask them the following questions, (some parents will be reluctant to answer these questions, if so tell them that you are trying to identify what are some of the things that you should do and should not do, in order to improve your chances for a "RELATIONSHIP & FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL LIFE".   Remind them that, "Kids Learn What They Live", and that if their are some things that they wish that they had not taught you, this may be their last chance to get it RIGHT!

<> Are we living from ... paycheck-2-paycheck
<> Do you know anyone who is living ... paycheck-2-paycheck
<> Are you finding it increasingly more and more difficult for to live within your monthly income?
<> Have you ever wondered how long you could survive if you lost your present "JOB"?
<> Are you approaching retirement and wondering how you are going to make ends meet?
<> If you had the opportunity to improve your situation, would you be willing to, "take a no risk chance" on a better future?

These are TUFF questions to ask yourself, I know!  However, knowing the answers to these questions are critically important and will aid  you in understand what is needed for you to be able to gain the "understanding and skills" that you are going to need if you wish to live in the TOP 5% of the American Society.  O.K. so living in the Top 5% may not be so important to you.  Personally, I feel the same way!  That's why I have chosen to pass on as much of wealth as I possible to my surviving family members.

But you do have choices:
<> You must be willing to except your present situation and continue to live or exist as you are presently existing or ...
<> You must be willing to make some changes in the way you are doing things or ...
<> You must be willing to learn from others who are "no longer" living from paycheck-2-paycheck!

Of course the choice is yours.  However, there is one thing that I want you to understand.  You must under go a mental transition, without one you have very little chance of living in the TOP 5% of our society.  Ours is a "Pass Key Protected Society", and if you were NOT born and more importantly NOT raised in that "Pass Key Protected Society", there is an excellent chance that you will, ... NOT "Die There!"

Not long ago I came across what was later determined to be Chapter 2 of a book called: Philosophical Midwifery - A New Paradigm for Understanding Human Problems With Its Validation by Dr. Pierre Grimes and Dr. Regina L. Uliana. This book was published by Hyparxis Press, 1998 and reviewed by John H. Spencer on Feb 11 2004.

Chapter 2 of this book is titled THE PATHOLOGOS!  Pathologos has been identified by the authors as, "those false beliefs that are the source of a certain class of our problems because these belief are "sick" or false". Thus, according to the aurthor, a pathologos "is a false belief, one that has been learned but not taught". It, according to the authors, "is a belief that has been accepted as true about oneself and one's reality, and since it is irreconcilable with the attainment of one's highest goals, it is cause for much of the chaos experienced in our lives".

The author(s), Dr. Pierre Grimes and Dr. Regina L. Uliana go on to say that the essential factor in the functioning of the pathologos is the curious fact that its (their) presence is unsuspected even though it is accepted as being unquestioningly true.  According to the authors when the pathologos is fully surfaced and seen for what it is, it can be likened to a psychic parasite that infects by transmitting to its host delusions that disquise its presence. Thus pathologos, according to Dr (s) Grimes and Uliana defends itself by undermining whatever seeks to disclose its presence or threatens its existence. It is said to be like a parasite because it drains its host of its vitality, subverting the host from its highest goals; it is psychic in the sense that it creates and sustains delusions; and it functions like a carrier of disease because it passes the conditions of its existence on to the members of a family clan ... your kids!

Rather that try and develop my own words to introduce this idea to you I have chosen to provide you with some comments as presented by John H. Spencer on Feb 11 2004 in his Introduction to Philosophical Midwifery.  Following are excerpts from his introduction of 11 Feb 2004 (I believe that Spencer has done an excellent job of introducing this concept)!

"The pathologos, which is analogous to a psychic parasite because it 'resides' in the mind and injures its host, is a false belief that is responsible for the manifestation of a particular class of problems.  We will inevitably repeat these same kinds of problems until we have clearly identified the source and have expunged it from our psyche.  This is all the more challenging because the pathologos is a sick belief that we do not even know that we have.  These false beliefs cause us to repeat old patterns and dramas every time circumstances arise that in some significant way resemble the original circumstances we encountered when we first received the transmission of the pathologos.  The pathologos is invisible since we have never verbalized it, and we have never verbalized it because we didn't even realize that we had received the transmission of it; hence the pathologos acts as an insidious blockade that is invisible to the person it is blocking".

In an attempt to further explain Dr (s) Dr. Pierre Grimes and Dr. Regina l. Uliana position, Spencer states that:  "In order to briefly explain how this transmission of the pathologos can occur, imagine a small child, open and uninhibitedly curious, being told to stop asking 'why' by a parent or another authority figure who is the child's role model, yet the role model praises the child for doing practical chores, such as cleaning her room.  If the role model appeared to be sincerely concerned about the child and to be a knower far superior to the child, then the child may come to the silent and unconscious conclusion that the best way to survive in her environment under the power of the authority figure would be to do practical chores and stop asking probing questions.

Spencer goes on to state that: It is unlikely, however, that the child would have been able to think in such terms and come to such a clear conclusion, and it is precisely this silent conclusion that is a necessary condition for the transmission of the pathologos.  In this example, and in almost all examples of pathologos transmission, nothing was formally taught but something was learned in a way that could not at the time be verbalized by the child, nor by the parent who would have been unwittingly acting out of his/her own pathological state of mind.

Spencer says that: Once the child who has received this transmission of the pathologos becomes an adult, every time she attempts to do anything leading to meaningful personal growth, which inevitably involves deeper questioning, she is blocked in some way that could manifest as a physical symptom such as a headache, or perhaps as fear or anxiety and so on.  These physical or mental symptoms dissipate when she gives up her goal of personal growth and instead cleans the house, thereby keeping her pinned in mediocrity and perpetual suffering.  The most basic purpose of Philosophical Midwifery, therefore, is to discover and uproot our pathologos, the 'psychic parasites,' the unnamed, untaught, unknown false beliefs that block us from actualizing our highest potential. Spencer continues by saying that: If we resist probing existential and metaphysical questions that are personally relevant to us, then we can be sure that the pathologos is blocking us.  Fortunately, according to Philosophical Midwifery, we can aspire to and reach the same heights as those attained by the greatest examples of humanity.

BECAUSE OF MY FASCINATION with this idea and because I felt that I had been a victim of something of the sort for most of my life I decided to do some intensive and extensive research on this idea.  Where to start was easy for me because there were a number of great thinkers that I had read much about over the years.  In keeping with that I first decided to visit one of my oldest and dearest friends, Professor William James, 1842 - 1910, a well known American Philosopher and all around "Genius"!

Here is what  Professor William James had to say on this subject:
<> "There is a, "Barrier of Fatigue" that we all must pass through if we are to obtain excellence in any and all areas of our lives".  This "Barrier of Fatigue", according to Professor James is most easily explained and understood as it relates to athletes.  However, we have all exprienced this situation in our lives.  Can you recall that time when you were involved in an extremely physical situation, such as a long run or an extremely difficult work task where you felt like you simple could not go any further or do any more because of being so tired and yet you continued.  Shortly there after you seem to get a second wind and was able to continue and seemingly with an added feeling of power and zeal.  This, according to professor James is simply a case of you breaking through your ... "Barrier of Fatigue".  Mentally speaking, once you break through your  "Barrier of Fatigue" in any given area, you will have forever, FREED" yourself of any Pathologos as they pertain to that particular area or situation.

<> Another interesting Business Guru that I quickly gained a lot of respect for was, T. Harv Eker.  Eker is the author of one of the must read self-help book on the market, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Harper Business.  Eker talks about your financial blueprint.  In his book it becomes clear that although Eker places most of his interest on making money, and is an expert on teaching people how to become Peak Performers in acquiring wealth he clearly understands that one most first change their thinking about money before they will be ready to attract great wealth.  Any yes, his teachings has made it's mark on my life as well!   However, clearly he also understands that we also have blueprints for each of the other areas in our lives.

<> Continuing with my research I was fortunate enough to have ran across Lee Pulos, Ph.D.  Dr. Pulos is a clinical psychologist from Vancouver, British Columbia.  Dr. Pulos is on the faculty of the medical school of the University of British Columbia.  He's also the sports psychologist for Team Canada, the Canadian Olympic team, and has also worked with the Edmonton Oilers hockey team.  In addition Dr. Pulos is an entrepreneur and has worked as the chief operating officer for the Spaghetti Factory chain of restaurants, and is a former President of the Canadian Academy of Clinical Hypnosis.

<> Dr. Pulos is also an expert on teaching people how to become Peak Performers.  It was not long after I first rand across Dr. Pulos that I realized the he was the guy that I was looking for.   Dr. Pulos distills decades of research in the fields of human physiology and quantum physics (including groundbreaking NEW findings) into an extraordinary set of tools that will enable you to quickly identify and then change - at the conscious, subconscious, AND cellular level - the belief patterns that are holding you back from growth, change, and total personal success. 

Following is some notes from an interview with Dr. Pulos as conducted by Dr.  JEFFREY MISHLOVE, Ph.D of the The Intuition Network, (A Thinking Allowed Television Underwriter), On the Leading Edge of Knowledge and Discovery.  The interview centered around the QUALITIES OF HIGH PERFORMANCE.

Dr. Lee Pulos states that in using the tools in The Biology of Empowerment - including The Pendulum, The Ideomotor, the Emotional Freedom Technique, and others - you'll discover how to:

<> Identify your core beliefs regarding money, work, relationships, sex, and more, INSTANTLY, without overanalysis or an uncomfortable psychological return to the past

<> Distinguish positive, growth-oriented beliefs from beliefs that are blocking your path to success

<>  Program your entire self - your conscious, subconscious, and cellular minds - to achieve any external outcome you desire

<> Understand how and why "miraculous" processes such as remote viewing and bi-location really are possible

<> Easily uncover and quickly correct the root causes of financial challenges, relationship problems, and health and wellness issues

<> Receive answers from the deepest, most knowledgeable levels of your consciousness to questions like, what is my life's true purpose? ˇ Should I take this job? ˇ Is this person "the one"?
<> Learn how effective cellular communication may even overcome congenital health problems and other seemingly unchangeable conditions

<> See why perceived limitations such as time and space are really mere illusions, and hear amazing true stories of people who have transcended them

<>  And so much more!

Dr. Pulus states that permanent personal transformation is possible and it all starts at a cellular level. The Biology of Empowerment will equip you with the most powerful tools ever discovered for creating rapid, lasting changes that will naturally propel you toward wealth, health, happiness, or any goal you can think of!

Once I had digested as much of the work of Dr. Pulos work that I could find on his ideas and concepts I realized that, WEALTHOLOGOS, (The term that I had decided to use to introduce my concept and our seminar and training business, was perfect).

<> I have decided on the word "WEALTHOLOGOS" to identify "those false beliefs about wealth, money and relationships as well as the fears, (According to psycologist the only fear that we are born with is loud noises and the fear of falling).  If this is true then all of our other fears, have been learned, those that we have acquired over the years are the source of many of our problems because these belief are "sick" or false.

<> Thus a wealthologos is a false belief, one that has been learned and sometimes taught, though not always intentional. It is a belief that has been accepted as true about the concept of money,  wealth and relationships and one's reality, and, since it is most often irreconcilable with the attainment of large amounts of money, wealth, and highly successful relationships it is cause for much of the chaos experienced in our lives.

WEALTHOLOGOS - These are the words that you hear others say, and the things that you observe others do as well as those words that we say to ourselves during "self-talk", or those actions that we do as a result of a previous exprience, about anything, including building wealth OR while involved in a relationship!  The observations and actions that we learn from others are generally receive much clearer into our minds when they received from people who are especially important in our lives.  They fall into several different areas and are the primary reasons why we go through life liking in those areas. (NOT FOUND IN WEBISTER)!

Our purpose here, is to help you discover and uproot any wealthologos that you may have in your life, the 'psychic parasites,' the unnamed, untaught, unknown false beliefs that blocks you from actualizing your highest potential.  We will help you to aspire to and reach the same heights as those attained by the greatest examples of the many, (or perhaps not so many), highly successful people that you know.  Please keep in mind that my definition of WEALTHOLOGOS, WILL successful span several different and seemingly unrelated areas.

Simply this:  There are certain beliefs that WE have that by virture of those beliefs, although false, are the source of a certain class of problems that we have because these belief are "sick" or false".  Thus, a wealthogos "is a false belief, about money, people or situations that has been learned but not always intentionally taught".  THESE are beliefs that has been accepted as true about oneself and one's reality that is almost always irreconcilable with the attainment of one's highest goals, it is the primary cause for much of the chaos experienced in our lives. 

Following are several quotes that I have selected to help me explain my through about money and building wealth and my translation of it: 

Quote:  "We are what we think about all day long", - Sigmond Fraud
Translated:  Think about how poor and lacking you are and that's where you will stay.

Quote:  Money is a handmaiden, if thou knowest how to use it; a mistress, if thou knowest not. - Horace

Translated:  Look at the number of people who have won the lottery that within five years or less found themselves broke and poorer than they were before they won it.
Quote:  Money often costs too much. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Translated:  People are generally not willing to invest the time it takes to learn how to acquire and keep money.  Have you ever come up with a reason, any reason, why you were unable to make one of our Saturday morning training seminars!  If you have, you know what I am saying here!

Quote:  To be clever enough to get all that money, one must be stupid enough to want it. - Gilbert K. Chesterton
Translated:  You must have a clear reason why you want money before you are going to be willing to invest the time and effort it takes to get it.

Quote:  The chief value of money lies in the fact that one lives in a world in which it is overestimated. - H. L. Mencken
Translated:  Money has no value except the value that people put on it. 

Quote:  In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one class of citizens to give to another.  - Voltaire (I bet you pay a hell of a lot more taxes than I do)!
Translated:  Where have you heard this before!  Our tax laws have been designed to keep you ... in your place!

Quote:  It is a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money. - Albert Camus
Translated:  The only people who has ever said to me that, "money isn't everything", was someone who had very little of it.

Quote:  Money is like manure, of very little use except it be spread.  - Francis Bacon
Translated:  You have to move money around in order for it to grow.  Remember the one coin, two coins and three coins story in the Bible!

Quote:  Only sick music makes money today. - Friedrich Nietzsche
Translated:  Man how right on can you be!  Sorry guys, kids, Rap is just not my thing!

Quote:  We have grown literally afraid to be poor. We despise anyone who elects to be poor in order to simplify and save his inner life.  If he does not join the general scramble and pant with the money-making street, we deem him spiritless and lacking in ambition. - William James
Translated:  I am aware of a man who lived most of his life on the streets and died leaving his family a million bucks.

Quote:  A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom. - Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.
Translated:  Look where we are today!  A number of countries have already started to take their money out of America!  We are becoming less and less of a good investment!  Might does not necessarily make right ... !

This is a multi-purpose web site. We are in the business of teaching people, kids, young people and, (those very few remaining adults who still have a desire to learn), some of the things that we feel everyone needs to know in order to achieve maximum success in life.   What we have found is that how we react to all aspects of our lives are found in what I have termed, our, "Wealthologos"!  Don't look in Webster for a definition, you will not find it.  I will explain more later.

<> Several years ago my son came home from school, (a very expensive private high school here in Southern California), with an extremely unhappy look on his face.  After some probing I was able to determine that one of his teachers had called him, "Stupid"!  Being called stupid would not have been of much concern to most high school students; however, for my son this was very painful.  Let me tell you why:  When I was in high school a young lady that I like very much called me "Dufess"!  At the time I did not know what the word meant.  All I knew was the fact that I did not like the sound of it.  Once I learn what it meant I lost most of my interest for her ... FOREVER.  My point!   I can recall telling my son to never allow anyone to call him "stupid"!

<> The rest of the story:  Once I had done my research I called that teacher and suggested that she apologize to my son for calling him "stupid" or that she should ... "Call Her Lawyer."  She decided that to apologize was in her best interest!

<> Recently I told my son that if he would make all of his decisions based on his long term desires he would almost always be "right-on" with the decisions that he makes ...... this works the same way for "YOU"!   However, you must have some idea of what your long term goals are. 

Stay with us and everything will fall in place!  How many times in your life have you or someone that you knew been the victim of the "Immediate Gratification Monster?

This information is being presented to you in hopes that it will help you avoid the many relationship and financial mistakes that I have made over the years and to help you understand some of the things that has finally landed me in the mist of the most "Beautiful Relationship" of my life as well as being on the road to Financial Independence!  I are not offering any guarantees.  However, I truly and honestly believe that if you obtain a clear understanding of what we have termed, your "Wealthologos", and learn some of the wealth accumulation and protection techniques that we offer, you will be well on your way toward a, "Relationship and Financially Successful Life"!  We are absolutely convinced that this information can be as valuable to you and your future as it was, is and continues to be for us!

Based on the opening questions that we proposed to you and the questions that we asked you to ask your parents, do you now feel that it may be possible for you to reach your relationships as well as your "Financial Goals?"  Before you answer this question I would like to remind you that most people are, by nature are extremely optimistict about these two questions!  How many times have you heard the old adage, "Millionaire by 30"! 

Our purpose here, WEALTHOLOGOS), is to help you discover and uproot any false ideas and beliefs that you may have in your life, the 'psychic parasites,' the unnamed, untaught, unknown false beliefs that blocks you from actualizing your highest potential.  We will help you to aspire to and reach the same heights as those attained by the greatest examples of the many, (or perhaps not so many), highly successful people that you know.  Please keep in mind that our definition of successful span several different and seemingly unrelated areas.

According to a recently published survey the top three areas that most people are having problems in are as follows:
<> <> Their Financial Situation
<> <> Their Relationships
<> <> The Raising of Children

There are many others that could be addressed in this same manner!  However, we have specifically selected these areas because based on our research these are the areas that are presently causing the most pain for most middle income Americans.

YOU MUST UNDERSTAND that everything that you feel about anything is largely the result of your WEALTHOLOGOS as they pertain to that particular area.

THERE ARE SEVERAL areas that seems to attract many people to in their search for "Financial Freedom"!  So let us help  you understand why only a few people are able to reach their goals!  Please don't be discouraged!  The reason why they have not been able to reach their goals is because they did not have anyone to help them understand what their road blocks were or how to remove them.  After your time with us, that will no longer be the case. 

THERE ARE A NUMBER OF DIFFERENT AREAS THAT PEOPLE TURN TO IN AN EFFORT TO IMPROVE THEIR FINANCIAL SITUATION.  And like anything else there is some "Good News" and some "Bad News"! Stay with me!

This is one of my favorite area for building wealth and apparently for other hopefuls as well.  Yet only a very few people are able to crack the code.  

<> You see advertisements in the newspaper almost daily saying something like, "Learn how to by Real Estate with No Money Down, or something like, "By Foreclosures For Pennies On The Dollar" or "Make Thousands In Real Estate Using OPM, (Other Peoples Money)"!  Often times these seminars are FREE!  You may have even had a strong interest in learning about investing in real estate, and you may have even, in many cases, decided to attend that "FREE" seminar, yet when the time came, even though you knew really deep down that you wanted to attend, yet you did attend!  Do you know why?  The reasons is simple!  They are as follows:

<> <> FIRST:  Something came up at the last minute. You have always been told that, "Nothing is "FREE"! You also know that they are trying to sell you something and you are afraid that you will buy what they are selling, ... RIGHT!  You have also been told that your house payment should never be more than approximately 35% of your income.  You have also been told that you cannot buy real estate with no money down. 

<> <> SECOND: You know that it is impossible to buy Real Estate with, "NO MONEY DOWN", because of this and the other excuses that your mind was able to conjure up, you were mentally able to justify not attending, "this time, maybe next time, "yea", next time!  Believe me, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!  Know what I am talking about!

<> <> THIRD: You are not to blame, it is your REAL ESTATE WEALTHOLOGOS that kept you from attending that seminar  ... and will continue to keep you where ever you are in life unless you "decide to change them"!  Don't worry, I will teach you how to change them.

Here is my take on Real Estate:  Real Estate is still a Great Way to build wealth.  However, it is not for everyone as many of the seminar sellers will have you think.  Mistakes in real estate can cost you big, I mean really big!  You need to make dam sure that you are ready when you decide to jump in!  Don't get me wrong, I love Real Estate and have made a lot of money as an investor; however, I know lots of folks who have not been as lucky .... you do too!  Have you seen these signs, "In Foreclosure"!

<> THE STOCK MARKET - These are the words and ideas that you have acquired, (True or False) about Investing in the Stock Market. You can see advertisements in the newspaper almost daily saying something like, "Learn how to, "Prosper in the Stock Market", or something like, "Learn Dollar Cost Averaging", and win in the Stock Market game. Often times these seminars are FREE!  You may have even had a strong interest in learning about investing in stocks, and you may have even, in many cases, decided to attend. Yet when the time came, even though you knew that you really deep down that you wanted to attend, yet you did not to attend!  Do you know why?  The reasons is simple!  It was your Wealthologos about real estate that kept you away!

<> <> FIRST: You also know that they are trying to sell you something and you are afraid that you will buy what they are selling, RIGHT!  You have always been told that, "Nothing is "FREE"!  You also know that they are trying to sell you something and you are afraid that you will buy what they are selling, RIGHT!  Another reason is because you have heard one or perhaps both of your parents say that you better put your money somewhere safe, i.e., under your mattress!

<> <> SECOND: You have always been told that, "Nothing is "FREE, "Investing in Stocks is for Rich People", "You are going to "Loose All Your Money", and the many other things that you have heard someone say about investing in stocks!  Yet, you are aware of hundred's, perhaps even thousands of people who have obtained great wealth through investing in the stock market.  How did they do it?  What do they know that you don't?  Are they just lucky and you are not?  The answer is in their Wealthologos!  vs your Wealthologos

<> <> THIRD: You know that it is impossible to make as much money in the stock market, especially now without being a Warren Buffet or someone who spends all of their time studying the market.  Because of this and the other excuses that your mind was able to conjure up, you did not attend!  Believe me, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!

<> <> This is probably an area that you might reconsider if you have not been investing in the manner referred to by Ben Stein and Phil DeMuth in theIR excellent book entitled:  YES, YOU CAN STILL RETIRE COMFORTABLY!  According to these guys and I happen to agree, if you are not investing as outlined below, you had better plan to work well into your 70s!
<> <> According to Ben & Phil in 2001 the median income for Americans age 45 - 54 was $41,104; it was $35,673 for those 55-64; and it was $19,688 for those individuals 65 and older!  People over 65 were living on approximately 48% of what their cohorts were living on a decade earlier.  Clearly people almost always experience a declining income as they move into midlife, yet most of us have a preference to improve on our living standards.  So what am I saying?  Just this:
<> <> <> Base on present day life expectancy rates, if you are 25 years old as of this reading you should be saving approximately 10% of your after tax income!  If you are a little late getting started, say you are 35 years old as of this reading you should began saving somewhere near 20% of your after tax income. If you are a little later getting started, say you are 45 years old as of this reading you should began saving somewhere near 30% of your after tax income. If you are even later than that a getting started, say you are 55 years old as of this reading you should began saving somewhere near 50% of your after tax income.
<> <> <> Of course these figures are only estimates ... who knows how long you are going to live however, better plan for the long hall!  The most important point that I want you to get here is this: No matter how old you are you need to first look at your wealthologos and then began planning your, physical, financial and emotional future(s). They all equate to money, or a lack of it!

Well, you are not totally to blame!  IT's your WEALTHOLOGOS regarding investing in stocks that has you down ... and will keep you there unless you decide to change them!

<> ABOUT YOUR JOB - These are the things that you have heard said, or read about having a "JOB", that has you thinking that it is impossible to get ahead with just a "JOB".  Middle income Americans pay between 28 to 38 of their income in Federal, State and local income taxes.  Once you also consider the taxes that you pay on all purchases, gas, food, clothes and others, you began to realize that you pay up to 50% percent or more of your income in taxes alone.  And unfortunately we are not taught in school, or any where else for that matter, anything about money and it's future value.  It is for these reasons that, for most Americans, the "JOB", (Just Over Broke)", is exactly what it turns out to be.  Not the case for you!  Then you are one of the lucky few!  Well, this may surprise you but your "JOB", can be an fantastic wealth builder over "TIME"... lots of time!   However, you must take the right action!

Not long ago I decided to do a short study regarding my personal income over the years. After entering the US Army on 22 May 1971, I received my first full check on 1 July 1971.  It was for $450.60.  It included a $110.00 per month housing allowance.  Man I through I had struck gold!  At any rate, I ran my estimated monthly income numbers as of 10 Oct 2008. The difference was big surprise to me. Yet, the difference in the amount that I felt I was able to save was much less than it should have been. How much should YOU save each month?  The answer is the same for everybody!  If it doesn't HURT, you are not saving enough!

This is a new area but it will produce the same kind of results as did the Computer Age. How many people do you know who absolutely refused to become involved with a computer and now, (myself included cannot live without one)!  You have heard the stories about the thousands of people who have made millions of dollars selling products and services over the internet. You have probably purchased several hundred dollars worth of products and services over the internet yourself!   When you consider the millions of people who purchase products and services over the internet it is very easy to understand why some are making millions of dollars each year through this media!  Clearly, they were able to get past their Wealthologos as they pertained to the internet and move on to doing what they desired to do!  NOW I can honestly tell you that I make most of my purchases on line.  I plan to increase this amount as doing so has already began to show an overall cost reduction in my purchases, (some do to savings and some do to the fact that because you know it will take a few days    to arrive you may decide not to make the order at all"!  O.H.!  Did I forget the cell phone revolution.  For a longtime I refused to get one.  Now I take it with me to the bathroom!   Now the big thing is paying bills on-line.  I set a goal to be paying all my bills on-line by 1 Jan 2006.  Done!

<> NETWORK MARKETING & DIRECT SALES - What are some of the things that you have heard or have said to yourself about Direct Sales/Network Marketing?  I know, I can't sell anything!  Or, I don't have the skills or the nerve to sell anything!  Or, you will never catch me going door to door bending arms while trying to sell soap, vitamins, or anything else for that matter, no matter how much money I am missing out on!  Oh, there are so many excuses that we make!  But let just say this ... learn or burn!  Not long ago I joined a Direct Sales company and ... after 6 months I  began to realized that it has been what I had been looking for my whole life!  Why:  It helps me to meet all of my social and financial needs!  
The final area that I want to talk about here is your
<> RELATIONSHIPS - Oh! This is a good one!  You have been involved in several really bad relationships in the past so you decide that you are going to maintain the upper hand on all future relationships that you are involved with. You then meet this really neat person that you like alot, but you are also aware of the several "bad" past relationships that you have had and you began "Projecting", those expreinces into this one and your new friend says, what the hell, I don't need this and decided to move on!  You then decide that everybody sucks!  You never stop to realize that maybe, just maybe, the problem is me ... ME!  The problem could very easily be my Relationship Wealthologos! 
<> Rather than be a "Great War General", as I once dreamed of being, I would rather be a master of words!  Andrew Canargee, (The Steel Magnet), was once quoted as saying, about Charles Swabb, it would be easier for me to find five experts on steel than it would be to fine even one with the skill of leading people as Charles Swab!  Charles Swab was once quoted as saying that, "In order to get people to perform at their heights, you must, "Shower them with Approbation  and Lavish them with Praise"!  - Charles Swab!  "The greatest power a man can have is his power over words", Unknown

<> There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of other areas that we could also list here. However, as I said earlier, my purpose here is to help you understand those Wealthologos that primarily pertain to accumulating wealth and financial freedom.

<> Building wealth is a step-by-step process!  No matter what you have heard or seen, the bottom-line remains the same.  Building wealth is a step-by-step process!  Let me explain:  If I asked you to give me one other ways of accumulating wealth without going through this step-by-step process that I am talking about there is a good chance that you will respond with' "What about those folks who has been lucky enough to win the lottery!  What step-by-step process did they go through"!  Great!  I would say that you are thinking!  But I would also add that even those people went through the required process of deciding, to purchase the ticket, purchasing the ticket, following up to see if they won and then taking the steps to collect their winnings.  However, I would also say that you have "Missed The Boat" totally!  The key words was as in Building Wealth!  Sure, there have been hundreds and hundreds of people who have won the lottery!  However, how many of them were able to use their winning to, "Build Additional Wealth"?  How many cases have you heard about that read like this:  Lottery winner uses money to build fortune!   O.K!  Now, how many cases have heard about that read like this:  Lottery winner now broke and living of welfare, family, or God for Bid,  ... the streets!  It ... "Ain't the Money"!

<> My point is this:  Building wealth is not about money, it's about knowledge, its about your Wealthologos!  Nothing more, nothing less!  Until you understand what your Wealthologos are as they relate to money and wealth, you are either broke, or in the case of the lottery winners, ... soon to be broke!  Let me walk you through another example!

<> The American Culture:  We have been taught that if all else fails we can fall back on old faithful, "Social Security", which, if you have not heard is rapidly becoming less and less faithful ... almost on a daily basis!   According to a recent article in AARP, the magazine, Social Security is the primary source of income for, "Most Retired Americans".  Yet, America, more than any country in the world has taunted itself as being the "Land Of Opportunity", opportunity to do what, get rich ... or retire on the federal government!  How many times have you heard it said that, "If all else fails, you have Social Security"?  It would seem that the 87% of Americans who retire and need assistance from, friends, family and the Federal Government took the, "Land Of Opportunity", thing to mean the opportunity to retire ... "On The Federal Government"!

<> Recently, while reviewing my thoughts about this article I decide to do some research on, "Successful People Who Orphaned Prior To Age Twelve"!  This research is ongoing; however, one thing that has become apparent is this:  The more people that you had to influence the development of your Wealthologos, the better chance of your acquiring those that are now being more supportive of your present wealth and relationship building needs!  What am I saying!  Perhaps at least one of the people that was responsible for your up bringing was somewhat more capable of saying and/or doing ... the "right things"!

<> Lets go one step further and look at a couple of cultures within the American Culture.
<> <> The Black Culture:  In order for us to discuss Wealthologos as they pertain to Black America, we have to return to the Ugly Days of America's Dark Past ... The Days Of SLAVERY!  Slaves were, for obvious reasons, taught that the more kids you have the better!  Why, simple!  Cheap labor!  Slaves were cheap labor!  And anything that, "the master", could teach or get them to believe that would encourage the production or in this case the "reproduction", of this "Cheap Labor", was a good thing!  Any student of history will tell you that Slavery was born out of economic hope, not hate!  For example, the word: "STUD", was not a word that was adopted by the black man, ... it was given to him!  There was a time, and sadly, for some it still exist, that to have kids by several women was a sign of male sexual powers!  However, if one would return to the roots of the word, "STUD", and look at the economics of the times, you would find it hard not to agree with me!  The bottom-line is simple. The Black Man was branded as, "STUD"?  So he would adopt that mentality and go out and reproduce as many, "Field Hands", as he possible could!  Again, ... the bottom-line, "Economics"!  Nothing more, Nothing less!

<> <> The Asia Culture:  How many times have you heard someone say, "Those Asian, why is it that they can get so much money from the Government to help them start business"?  Or, what about this one: "Where do they get so much money from to buy such expensive houses and cars and only after being in the US for such a short time"?  There are a host of questions along these lines that you have heard and probably a few that you yourself have asked.  Well, now you know.  Asians, generally speaking are taught to save and invest their money early on!  Most come from a society where they have been taught that they must be self sustaining, where there was no such thing as, "Social Security", or any other support that you they could expect from their government.  And even those who come here from countries like Mainland China, where there is still some aspects of Communism, have primary only been told that the USA is a land of opportunity and that all you need to do is get there and work hard and you will make it!  Becoming financially successful In America had to happen.  That's how they were programmed.  That's the color of their Wealthologos!

<> <> The Hispanic and Latino Cultures:  Frankly, I don't know very much about the Hispanic and Latino cultures.  However, there is one thing that is quite clear that is very different from the Black culture in America.  It concerns Demographics.  Latinos and Hispanics are apparently willing to go where ever they see that there is an opportunity.  If you were to conduct a study to determine where America's Largest Minority is concentrated you will be surprise to learn that although there are some pockets of these cultures in certain areas of America, and for obvious reasons, what you will also find is that these cultures are, "BY FAR" less demographically concentrated than, "BLACK AMERICANS"!   Foot Note:  In the US Military as well as Cooperate America, if you are career minded, "You better be willing to move"!  By all estimates Hispanics and Latinos are far more willing to go where the opportunities are!  Hence, (according to a recent survey the overall income levels of Hispanic/Latino households in America has exceeded that of Blacks)!

Dear Friend,
<> My name is Carl Dowdy, US Army, (Ret.), my friends call me, “the Colonel”. If you are wondering why I am going to so much pain to provide you with this information it is because I believe that an understanding of this is akin to receiving water from the, "Fountion of Wealth"!  I also believe that from this fountion flows ample wealth and happiness for all who are willing to partake of it!

<> If you are wondering why or how I was "LUCKY" enough to come across this GOLDMINE, is was because of what follows:

A few years ago, after GOING through what I thought was an, “equitable divorce”, I was left “FLAT-BROKE”, and in excess of $90,000 in mostly credit card DEBT. The only thing that stood between me and, “BANKRUPTCY” was a “FLAT-TIRE!”

<> As I looked around I noticed so many people who, by all accounts, were far less educated than I, yet they had been able to accumulate wealth in amounts that I could not even visualize.  What was it that allowed these people to acquire this wealth in the amounts and ways that they did that did that I could not grasp?  Finally, thanks to the grace of God and my continued and unwavering desire for wealth I have found the answer!  It starts with how you think!  It is your wealthologos.  It is what you believe about wealth. It is your comfort zone for wealth.

OH!  I should probably tell you what it is that we do!  Well before that  let me just say that I have made a lot of money in Real Estate.  And I would suggest that everyone take a few courses in real estate investing ... no you don't need to spend $40,000 like I did.  But a few thousand in knowledge about investing in real estate could save you a hell-of-a-lot more than that.  And believe it or not no matter what your decision about real estate is we all in one way or another invest in real estate.  How:  You will either invest in yours or mine!  You will either invest in yours using OPM (other peoples money), and paying it off with your money or you will invest in MINE using  your money!  No matter who you are you are investing in real estate ... or you re homeless!

Am I still actively investing in real estate!  Yes and No!  If the right opportunity comes along I will jump but otherwise most of my attention is directed to the world of Direct Sales/Networking Marketing.  Why:  There are a number of reasons but because I have already beaten you nearly to death I will provide you with just a few, as follows:

1.  Cost of start-up is usually very low
2.  Allows me to work from home
3.  Have all the support that I need
4.  Possibility for large income and even larger residual income
5.  Meet so many beautiful people
6.  Found something that my whole family loves and we ll work together, (A major victory for us!)

I could go on and on, be enough for now! 

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The answers to these questions and the majority of all your questions are contained in what I call your WEALTHOLOGOS!  Finally, there is an explanation as to why you are either poor and broke, middle class with a small saving account, approaching financial freedom or wealthy,  The reasons why are all found in your ... "WEALTHOLOGOS"!