Best Of Long Beach, Ca

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Beer, Wine & Food  

Beer, Wine & Food  

Best of LB / The Zack @ Wine Bar / 250 East Ocean Blvd, Zack, and Tyson offer a daily happy hour from 4 pm to 7 pm. And don't miss out on the excellent music they schedule several days per week. They also record an open mic on Sundays from 6 pm to 10 pm. Open mic is always a fun evening, as well. So if you have some musical talent or perhaps if you are a storyteller of whatever (within reason), you can step up to the mic.  


Zack is a lover of books and would like to start a book club. So if you are interested in joining the club, it's free, just let him know if you are interested. There appear to be a few other things on the horizon, check them out, see their Special Offers!  


Best of LB / The 4th Horseman Bar & Food (Voted the BEST Pizza and Resturant in LB) is offering a 15% discount to all Camden residents.  

There are three ways to order:


#1. In-store orders: Present your Camden Key Fob when you place your order to receive your 15% discount. 


#2. Online Orders: (Preferred method for delivery or pick up) You may place orders online at and use promo code CAMDEN to receive 15% off your order. Beer and Wine are also available for delivery. *Note there is a $5 delivery fee to our delivery partner Maritime Courier.


#3. You may place orders by telephone, 562.513.3394, be sure to let us know that you are a Camden Resident to receive your 15% discounts. 


The 4th Horseman Bar & Food / 121 West 4th St, Ryan & Martin offers a daily happy hour from 4 pm to 7 pm and 4–11 pm on Mondays. And while there you absolutely must check out their Pizza's, which recently won a Best of LB Pizza contest. I heard that they recently won the best restaurant in LB as well. And get this: they just installed a new oven so that they may be planning something even more special for you. - Special Offers!



MRCBA.ORG - My son, Randy J.D., Co-founder and Director of Behavioral Services at MRC Behavioral Academy, says, "with the right support every child on the Autism Spectrum can obtain new heights. But be forewarned, his methods are a bit outside the box, and if you are a parent with a faint heart, this guy may not be the one to call. Call him if you are looking for iron-clad results. - Look Around!  


Also, if you are a Special Needs Caregiver and consider yourself to be one of the best and would like to become one of our network of providers, Contact Us!


GODOWDY.COM - We are "the Premier" providers of Legal and Identity Theft Services to Families, Small Business Owners, and Commercial Drivers. Just think of us as the Uber, the Netflix, the Lift, the Amazon of the Legal and Identity Theft Protection Services Industry. We also offer a business opportunity that has been called "The Business Opportunity of The 21st Century." - Learn More!


Some of our business partners are business owners, real estate professionals, lawyers, teachers, students, homemakers, househusbands, ministers, doctors, nurses, active and retired military officers and enlisted personnel, and almost everyone in between. If you would like to get a first-hand look at what we are all about, CONTACT ME!   


SHOP / SELL CBD - Join for free, login in below. If you decided to become an associate (It's Free), you would receive a commission every time someone orders from your company website. If you only want to order CBD products, you will receive discounts on all your orders. It's as simple as that. You are already aware of the health value of CBD! 


Room & Studio 4 Rent! - I have a total of eight rooms and one studio for rent at any given time. Four bedrooms are in a gated community in the city of Carson, and four rooms and a studio are in the city of Anaheim. Contact us to check availibity - Contact Me!