We Buy Houses & Apartments!
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We Buy Houses, Apartments & Mobile Homes

Behind On Payments! Transferring! Divorced! Payments Too High!

Need Repairs! Foreclosure! Selling An Estate! No Equity!

Or Maybe YOU Just Want Out!


LA & OC Homes Considered * Any Condition * Any Price 


We Can Make Your Payments Till Closing * Even Back Payments

Fast Cash! No Commissions! No Equity, No Problem!  

In Some Cases, We Can Pay CASH!


Call Us Before You List Your Home  

We Pay All Closing Cost! 


Confidential & Professional     


Don't List Your House, Sell Your House!!

We Specialize In Houses Up to $800,000 & All Mobile Homes!!


Get an Immediate Home Buying Solution TODAY by Dialing:

Ofc: 714-273-5223 / Email: godowdy@yahoo.com


Free In-State Moving Truck 


 We Are Not Real Estate Agents/Brokers  

Call Direct 714-273-5223 


We can buy your house 9 days or less! 

Tell Us About Your House! 



MRCBA.ORG has commissioned us to purchase two 3 or 4 bedroom houses within the South Bay area for several of their Special Needs Adult Students who they feel are ready to live in a minimum supervised environment!  If you know someone who is considering selling their 3 or 4 bedroom home please have them call us. We offer a $1000 reward on referral sales.


24-Hr Voice / Text / Ofc: 714-273-5223


Tell Us About Your House


There is no cost or obligation when you call.  


We are NOT Realtors, Nor are we Associated With Any Real Estate Agency, and We Are Not Interested in Listing Your Home! 


Please take a moment to tell us about your needs: 


Tell Us About Your Situation!